Arkansas Fitness & Athletics is excited to host the first Certified Functional Strength Coaching Certification in Arkansas in partnership with CFSC June 17th, 2017. The CFSC Level 1 and Level 2 certifications were pioneered by legendary strength coach, Mike Boyle. Boyle is also the founder of Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning, which is listed as the Number #1 Gym in America by the Active Times. 

What Makes The CFSC Unique

A Truly Functional Movement System

CFSC is unlike other coaching certifications that simply require you to take an online test. What makes this program different is actually learning how to handle real client situations within the context of training. You will learn just as much about the "art of coaching" as the science. 

How might you adapt a group training program to each individual's capabilities? What should you consider when training different types of athletes or clients? How might we train around dysfunctional movement? These are all important questions that are covered throughout the CFSC course. 

Discounts on World-Class Partner Programs

In addition to becoming certified in functional movement training, all CFSC course participants will get discounts on partnered certification courses like Precision Nutrition and Functional Movement Screens. 

A world leader in nutrition and health coaching

A world leader in nutrition and health coaching

Movement screening system to analyze movement quality and take the guess work out of addressing dysfunction. 

Movement screening system to analyze movement quality and take the guess work out of addressing dysfunction. 


What To Expect


"To become certified it is required that you attend a 1-Day CFSC On Site Training. We believe one of the major omissions of strength and conditioning certifications is the absence of a practical component. Even if you can pass the written exam that doesn't prove you are a great coach. With the CFSC we require applicants to not only attend an On Site Training, but also that you pass a practical exam at the end of the day.

At the 1-Day On Site Training you will be in a small group (about 12-15 attendees per coach) to mimic how we run our groups at MBSC. We want every person that attends the On Site Training to have a personal experience and the attention necessary to make sure they get the most out of the training. Throughout the day we will breakdown the MBSC program bit by bit and demonstrate our system of progressions and regressions for each movement pattern.

Once the training is complete, each attendee will take a practical exam where they will be tested on their ability to demonstrate and coach the basic movement patterns we use at MBSC. The attendee's knowledge of the progressions and regressions system will also be tested. CFSCs will be ready for many of the common situations that can occur while training."

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