Arkansas Fitness & Athletics offers semi-private group strength and conditioning lead by Certified Functional Strength Coach, Jim Eckhart. Our methods effectively build mobility, flexibility, strength, and endurance, no matter your existing fitness level. Through our movement screening process, we work with you to develop goals and a training program that works for you. 

Here are a few of our training programs.



per year

1 Year Commitment 

Start with the basics of movement by developing proper functional patterns used in everyday life. Once you have the mechanics down, training intensity increases based your needs and goals. 


Athletic Performance

Designed to support sport specific movement through strength and conditioning. Ounce we identify your strengths and weaknesses, we implement our methods to reach your performance goals. 


Corporate Wellness

Strength and conditioning is not just for athletes. It helps improve your bottom line as well. Our group based training is great for development camaraderie and accountability, which in turn leads to healthy employees and long-term sustainability.