Summer Basketball Training

5 Month Program
April - August, 2018

Basketball Performance Coaches

Jim Eckhart and Jordan Carlisle are Little Rock's leading specialists for basketball strength and performance. Eckhart, the founder of Arkansas Fitness and Athletics, was the head strength coach for Cabot Varsity Basketball 2014 - 2017 (2016 7A State Title) and now leads the performance program for North Little Rock High School Boys basketball (2018 7A State Title). Carlisle has trained within the best performance programs for over 15-years, was a member of the Catholic High School Boys 2008 7A State Championship team, and is a leading innovator in the human performance technology industry with his company Strengthen Labs




Offseason is when players are truly made, but not everyone is at the same place in their game. We meet players where they're at by taking each athlete through an evaluation process to determine what her goals are. We help think through strengths and opportunities to become a more well-rounded student athlete. By being a bit more intentional on the front-end, we are able to spend our time more effectively making strides to perform at a higher level. 



Starting above the neck is where the foundation for improving performance is begins. Our hardware is only as good as the software we use to run it. Knowing that our bodies are physically resilient means that is up to how we think to maximize our potential. 

  • Align personal values, purpose, and goals.
  • Identify intrinsic motivators for life and sport.  
  • Develop mental habits of optimism, gratitude, persistence and focus. 

Training Goals

+ Reduce Risk of Injury

+ Learn Fundamentals for Life and Sport

+ Improve Performance


What we eat and drink builds, fuels, and regulates everything in our bodies. It has the largest influence over cognitive functioning and athletic performance than any other variable. 

  • Learn the basics of fueling with proper hydration, whole foods, and choosing high quality nutrients. 

  • Develop awareness for how food makes us look, feel, and perform. 

  • Strengthen ability to make healthier food choices in any given situation. 



Faster on the break, quick anticipation, and exploding to the basket. Speed and quickness is an essential part of competing in basketball. How fast we play is the culmination of athleticism and ability to interpret the game. Our approach to developing speed addresses both of these elements in a 5 step process.  

  1. Break down fundamental movement quality.
  2. Learn context in which movement occurs.
  3. Develop movement competency. 
  4. Improve speed capacity with objective drills.
  5. Integrate the movement into game-like scenarios.

Key Performance Indicators

+ No-Step Vertical

+ Maximum Vertical

+ 5-10-5 Agility

+ Movement Symmetry Test

+ Intensity-Duration



Strong rebounding, battling for lose balls, and finishing strong for an and-1. Those capabilities are earned by strengthening your body. That being said, it's also important to know how to maximize what you already have. In our approach to developing more powerful athletes, we always keep 3 key principles in mind. 

  1. Quality Movement = Efficient Power
  2. Balanced Strength = Decrease Risk of Injury
  3. Strength-to-Body Weight = Greater Athleticism

These principles guide how we program workouts, choose training equipment, and educate athletes. 


Energy System Development (Endurance)

Basketball is a demanding sport. It requires a unique mix of explosiveness bursts and sustaining effort. Interestingly enough, our body optimizes for quick bursts and long duration differently; therefore, it's important to understand which energy capacities need improvement. In addition, there are many other factors that greatly impact how efficient and how long we can perform. 

  • Fueling for endurance.
  • Posture + Breathing + Movement = Efficiency.
  • Know what type of energy to use.
  • Unlock intensity levels.
  • Strengthen mental elements of endurance. 

While we control the training protocols used to develop cardiovascular endurance at the AFA facility, we also go above and beyond to work with sport specific coaches to help implement effective practice plans that incorporates cardio into skill development to emulate in-game scenarios. We also evaluate athlete fatigue to ensure proper recover to realize improvements. 


    Tissue Therapy

    Student athletes have unique demands on their musculoskeletal system. At school, their bodies take a beating from the environmental demand of sitting at a desk. In practice and games, they are performing specific movements hundreds of times. The combination of long-periods of sitting and intense repetitive motion means that their bodies are at high-risk of overcompensation. Overcompensation can lead to joint pain, muscle strain, and increase risk of injury. That's why we prioritize tissue therapy, like foam rolling, at the beginning of every training session. We also make sure to teach athletes how to work on their muscle tissue at home, before practice, and before games. 

    • Release tension and buildup
    • Enable ample mobility
    • Re-activate stabilizers

    $150 / mONTH 

    5 Month Offseason Package

    • Up-to 30 hours of personal training per month
    • Monthly individualized assessments
    • Monthly nutrition workshop
    • Access to all training sessions (M-F) 
    For more information please contact Jordan Carlisle at

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