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About The Process



The way you eat and how your body metabolizes food is totally unique. You're relationship with food is made of personal experiences, cultural factors, genetic differences, age, day-to-day environment, activity level, and many more elements that require a specific approach that works for you. 

We address all of these things and more through initial evaluations and continuous check-ins to make sure your program is right for YOU. 


Data Driven

Capturing data is important. With PN's ProCoach platform, capturing and analyzing powerful data is incredibly simple. It's even makes it easy and fun.  With our system you'll focus on the right things so you can feel confident about your health decisions.


Quality Research

Our nutrition coaching program is powered by Precision Nutrition, the world's top nutrition coaching and research organization. They've spent nearly two decades studying and publishing nutrition research that has been used by hundreds of thousands of clients. Moreover our highly accessible coaching staff is PN Certified, which means you have access to deep understanding of advanced nutrition coaching. 



Ordinary nutrition programs tell you what to eat... but our nutrition coaching experience will go beyond that. We will also teach you how to eat well and why eating some foods are better than others. You will lay the foundation for modifying habits and gain a world-class education in the process. 



Throughout your journey, you'll learn a lot about yourself. One thing you probably already know though, is that you're more likely to stick with something when you're held accountable. That's why we are here for you. We will be there to give you a nudge when you need it and let you stand on your own when you're ready. 


Lasting Results

Our over-arching mission is not just to help you shed a few pounds. We want you to look, feel, and perform better than you ever have and make it a part of who you are. We also believe that what you learn through the process permeates through all aspects of life. The lessons you learn will have an impact on everything you do and you will ultimately rewrite your health story. 


About Your Coach


Jordan Carlisle is the founder of Strengthen, a technology company that specializes in human performance. Jordan was blessed with knowledgable and compassionate coaches as a youth athlete. Throughout his professional career, he has been obsessed with learning and implementing physiology, psychology, nutrition, and exercise science systems and techniques. He's coached hundreds of early-stage startup founders, fortune 500 executives, medical professionals, elite athletes, and regular Jane and Joes. 

Now Jordan draws inspiration from human performance brands like EXOS, Precision Nutrition, The Human Performance Institute, and thinkers like Tim Ferris, Brené Brown, Ed Latimore,  Aubrey Marcus, James Clear, Taylor Pearson and Seth Godin. He is also a voracious reader of non-fiction, science-fiction, philosophy, and science books (you can see his thoughts on what he reads on twitter:@jordantcarlisle). 

Ultimately, Jordan is dedicated to helping people lead fulfilling and high performing lives. His unique approach to synthesizing your feedback to develop products and services is cut from the same clothe as product teams at high flying startups or innovative companies like Google, AirBnB, Apple, and Tesla. At it's core, it's all about YOU... the person who it's all for. Your desires and ambitions are considered and baked into every step of the way. 


Precision Nutrition Level 1 Candidate
EXOS Performance Specialist
Functional Movement Screen Level 1

Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 1
Course for Human Centered Design


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