Performance Philosophy

We believe that you can achieve higher levels of performance at anything you do by developing better habits in four essential aspects of life: mindset, fuel, movement, and recovery. Improving your habits in these four categories are necessary for sustainable health and enable you to push yourself to higher performance in work, life, sport, or play. 

Everything we do centers around this philosophy. We believe that people who balance these aspects are healthier, happier, and more impactful at what they do. 

K.I.S.S. - Keep it SIMPLE, silly
— Jim Eckhart, Founder of Arkansas Fitness & Athletics

At Arkansas Fitness & Athletics, we use a world class training system with new and innovative technology to capture and improve these simple aspects of human performance. 


  • Purpose - understanding why we train and develop ourselves helps us focus our efforts on what matters and keeps us motivated. 
  • Mindfulness - being aware of our thoughts and actions is not only essential to moving well, but it can help us make better decisions that lead to happiness and health. 
  • Gratitude - practicing gratitude is important because it helps you make the most of what you have. Sometimes the little victories can add up to great success. 
  • Perseverance - success doesn't happen over night. To become the best version of yourself will require the skill of overcome difficult times. 
  • Positivity - positive emotions are infections -- especially in a community setting like AFA. When we center ourselves around the positive, we tend to work harder and bounce back quicker. 


  • Food as fuel - when we think of food as fuel, we align our eating decisions with our goals in life. Ask yourself: Will this make me feel great? Will this help me work hard? Will this help me focus? Does this enable me to live a long and healthy life? 
  • No one is perfect - when we do fall off track, it's important to give yourself grace. You are not what you eat! You 


  • General
  • Specific


  • Sleep
  • Play