Conference Background

Jim jumped on the opportunity to attend the  2018 Midwest Sports Performance Conference as soon as he heard about it. Basketball training is one of his passions and going to a conference like that can result in a direct impact on players and coaches we work with. In addition, Kansas is known for having one of the best strength programs when it comes to research and innovation. 

Andre Hudy - Asst Athletic Director, KU

Andre Hudy - Asst Athletic Director, KU

The conference was organized by Andre Hudy, Assistant Athletic Director and Head of Performance for all KU sports. In her time at KU she's coached 19 NBA draftees and counting, she published her first book, Power Positions in 2014, and has implemented one of the most advanced software training systems into her training programs to help improve player performance and reduce the risk of injury. She's pretty incredible. And if you're waiting for some comment about her disrupting the strength world because she's a woman, you're not going to read it here. If you're apart of our #AFAmily, you know that strong, intelligent women leading the pack are to be expected - not exemplified as unique. Andrea just happens to be at the top of the food chain when it comes to elite basketball programs at the collegiate level. 

We knew this conference was a good fit for the AFA team. 


Conference Overview



  • Adapting to learning styles
  • Coaching at different skill levels
  • Positive Coaching
  • Purposeful Cueing
  • Implementing Deliberate Practice
  • How to implement scientifically based practices


  • Tim Schlosser, Athletic Director for Wellness and Leadership KU
  • Dr. Avery Faigenbaum, Health Professor at The College of New Jersey
  • Brett Bartholemew, Founder of Bartholemew Strength
  • Mike Nitka, Adjunct at Carroll University 
  • Ross Schwisow, Asst. Principal & Athletic Director at Basehor-Linwood High School
  • Mark Simoneau, Retired NFL Player & Founder of Simoneau Sports Performance
  • Phil Wagner, Founder, and President of Sparta Performance Science
  • Rob Jones, Founder of Peak Performance Health Center
  • Andrea Hudy, Asst. Director of Athletics-Sports Performance at the Univ. of Kansas
  • Leo Totten, President & Head Coach of Totten Training Systems
  • Zac Woodfin, Director of Football Strength & Conditioning at the Univ. of Kansas
  • Luke Bradford, Assoc. Director-Sports Performance at the Univ. of Kansas
  • Ali Kershner, Assistant Sports Performance Coach at the Univ. of Kansas