On the afternoon of Sunday, May 20, 2018, a diverse group of strong women gathered at Arkansas Fitness and Athletics anticipating a fulfillment of empowerment. The workshop was led by “Sovereign” author and self-love activist, Erin Brown. As women, we can all think back to a time when we were overlooked, talked over, disrespected, and expected to sit quietly and conform. The EmpowHer introspective workshop centered on the importance of women being able to confidently set their own boundaries, find their voice from within, and use both of these as powerful tools to halt unwanted negative energy. We gathered together because the familiarity of each woman’s story is another link that bonds the chains of sisterhood. You could see the recognition with the nod of a head or the glisten in the eye of another. The most touching part of the entire afternoon was when we gathered together, a circle within a circle facing one another, clasping hands and gently repeated the words “dear sister,” offering support to one another, apologizing for the wrongdoings of men and of other women. The vulnerability of the experience was palpable. Tears were shed and hugs were delivered with fierce emotion and understanding. The magnitude of the experience is hard to put into words, it’s something you had to be present for to completely comprehend. Nonetheless, it was a moment. A defining moment where we all seemed to connect to one another on an additional level of immense gratitude. After our sister circle, we convened again for Women in Networking central Arkansas founder, Holly Fish. She introduced us to resources within the central Arkansas community for women to utilize. Her group, WiN for short, meets every fourth Thursday at Canvas, inside the Arkansas Arts Center, for lunch. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet other women, brainstorm, and get connected, both personally and professionally. Lastly, we were honored to have Monica and Megan from Arkansas Women and Children First speak candidly about their work. Women and Children First is a non-profit domestic violence shelter located in central Arkansas. All of our proceeds from this event and donations of attendees, such as, toilet paper, toothpaste, shoes, etc. were donated directly to their organization. It was extremely gratifying to hear Megan call us “a room full of warrior women” after watching our interactions all afternoon. For the finale, yoga instructor, Ashley Powers led us through a class of yoga and meditation to calm our spirits after an exhausting amount of emotional energy had been spent. All in all, it was a fantastic event. I hope that each woman took away a little nugget of information or empowerment that she will carry with her always. I am optimistic that this was the beginning of a series of women’s events that we will hold in the future. Thank you to all of those who attended and to those that donated to our event. I am forever grateful.